10on10 - Solid math skills and good vocabulary always gives your child the edge.
Open the doors to your child's
future with 10on10 learning
Solid math skills and a robust vocabulary will keep as many
doors as possible open in your child’s future
Inspire & transform
your child's learning

10on10 learning is the world's most creative, after-school learning program which fosters self-learning, develops strong academic skills & builds success inside and outside the school.

Solid math skills and good vocabulary always gives your child the edge.

Confidence beyond

Research has shown strong links between having a voluminous vocabulary and sound math skills and achieving success.

Our learning process helps optimize the child's ability to make complex decisions down the road and build strong math skills and a robust vocabulary preparing young minds for a challenging world.

Develops both
sides of the brain

Content is scientifically created to ensure the child uses all faculties of the brain to enhance logical,visual, spatial and verbal skills

Also richer, more varied and more challenging experiences adopted by us force the brain to think in new ways , boost their brain power, equipping the child to face future problems.

Children love
our program

Worksheets are creatively designed using cartoons with a human expression to connect with the child, make it fun and nurture their love to learn.

Worksheets are key to the 10on10 method, they are carefully designed to ensure a child masters every concept , effectively use words and use their creative thinking to solve problems creating a learning environment like no other.

Father of two children
happy parents
10on10 has transformed their child's learning abilities.
The worksheets are really good and so I am enrolling both my kids again. They test and help develop many important skills like motor skills. The kids also like doing them because the worksheets are very creative.
    10on10 helps kids excel beyond their
    its mathemagic
    unique, effective, self- learning math
    program for young minds
    which nurtures independent learning and a strong foundation in mathematical skills, giving your kids confidence and success
    • Annual Program
    • UKG to Class 5
    • 32-40 worksheets delivered every month
    • Over 760 concepts across all grades
    • Curriculum covers NCERT-India, Singapore Math and NCTM US
    • Enhances mathematical, logical & special skills
    • Developed by IIT math experts
    Easy EMI options
    Cash/Chq Pickup
    Credit/Debit Card
    kids excel beyond their expectation
    Solid foundation and headstart
    10on10 uses a unique pedagogy which helps kids develop conceptual understanding, computational fluency and problem solving ability…..skills that will help them achieve their goals in real life. It is the world’s largest program having over 726 essential concepts
    Encouraging your child to think
    Thinking skills are essential to effective learning. The 10on10 method teaches every concept in multiple ways , strengthens problem solving skills and stimulates critical thinking skills. This reinforces and improves your child’s overall math comprehension , preparing them for the rigors of high school mathematics
    World’s most advanced Math program
    10on10 Content is developed by IIT-ians and educational experts from around the world with concepts from Singapore Math Curriculum, NCERT-India and NCTM-USA. It is the world's only math program based on Howard based Gardner’s “Multiple Intelligence Theory”
    Where learning is fun and meaningful
    Visual learning is a powerful learning tool for children. The use of life-like illustrations and visuals to teach concepts, attracts and retains the child's interest for a longer period and helps in productive learning.
    What 10on10Math offers?
    From counting to algebra to geometry and beyond, 10on10 Math worksheets enable students to
    achieve success in LIFE and high school math.
    • Content created by IIT'ians , expert mathematicians and multiple intelligence experts from around the world.
    • Gives students a solid foundation and a head-start
    • Helps improve performance in math class & overall math comprehension
    • Develops Logical, Spatial and Visual thinking skills
    • Prepares your child for the rigors of high school and advanced mathematics
    • Annual program for 12 months
    • A set of 32-40 worksheets will be delivered to your doorstep every month
    • 6500+ creative worksheets – largest in the world.
    • Most comprehensive Math Curriculum
    • Covers over 760 most essential concepts across all grades
    • 400 -480 Worksheets per annum
    • Curriculum covers concepts from NCERT-INDIA, Singapore Math Curriculum and NCTM-US
    • Annual Certification
    a good vocabulary
    is being able to choose words with greater
    • 10 Wordbooks in each series
    • Recommended from class 3 onwards
    • Builds a vast and powerful vocabulary
    • Creates an appreciation of the power and impact of words
    • Has a direct impact on improved speaking, reading and writing abilities in school
    Easy EMI options
    Cash/Chq Pickup
    Credit/Debit Card
    How your child speaks will soon leave you speechless....
    having a good vocabulary is being able to choose words with greater precision
    Vocabulary is your child’s ‘communication toolbox’
    10on10 Word helps children to build a vast and powerful vocabulary. Every new word that they learn becomes a tool. The more tools they master, the better the chances are of finding the right one for the communication task at hand. Every time you grasp a new word, you end up with more than just a new tool: you understand the ones you already know better.
    Vital to your child’s success
    improving one’s vocabulary correlates with success . A strong vocabulary enriches your child's understanding of the English Language, enhances verbal fluency and helps articulate thoughts and ideas, skills essential in a globalized world. Useful for all board exams up to college including TOEFL, IELTS and SAT

    Opens a new avenue of thought
    10 on 10 Word encourages excitement and curiosity to pronounce, spell, learn and use new words. It brings you unusual & intriguing words covering the entire gamut of wordplay and poetry. Helps children overcome a phobia of big sounding words by playfully engaging them through appealing animal cartoon mnemonics
    What is Prudle and Bibi Series?
    10on10 WORD is available currently in 2 Series – Prudle Series & Bibi Series. Each series is a collection of 10 wordbooks. The names are inspired from 2 African Grey Parrots – Prudle & Bibi which are particularly noted for their cognitive abilities. Prudle held the Guinness world record for the bird with the biggest vocabulary for many years with a documented vocabulary of 800 words. Bibi, a Congo African Grey Parrot, is best known for her ability to use greetings from 20 different languages, earning her the nickname "The Polyglot Parrot." At only three years of age, Bibi has already developed a vocabulary of about 300 words, and she understands the concepts of color and shape.
    • The Bumbling Bumblebee
    • Quibbling with Q
    • The Colour Catching Alien
    • The Elephantastic Sound Collector
    • Direction Dilemma
    • The Pipsqueak Pirate
    • The Shrewd Skunk
    • The Lackadaisical Lizard
    • The Prancing Potion
    • The Masked Marauder
    • The Juggling Jackal
    • The Reluctant Raindrop
    • The Monochromatic Martian
    • Galumphing Gumboot Grandpa
    • The Exaggerating Eagle
    • The Gastronomic Goat
    • The Primate Pranksters
    • The Electrifying Eel
    • The Whimsical Wand
    • The Camouflaged Crusader